Still soup weather. Hooray?


Last night’s Soup and Bread was our most financially successful to date. Thanks in part, no doubt, to the godawful midwinter chill that has descended YET AGAIN on the city, soup fans came out in droves — and dove deep into their pockets. I don’t keep track of attendance (it’d be hard to work one of those little clickers and make drinks at the same time) but the donations pail yielded $275 at the end of the night — a new Soup and Bread record.

At this rate we seem well on track to our April 1 goal of $2K. Thanks ev’rybody!

Pictured above are our superawesome cooks for the night. From left: Robin Linn, Julie Mueller, bread baker Vince Lackowski, Kristin Basta, Guy Massey, and David Kodeski. Not pictured is Jack Newell, who had to come a bit late but who happily turned up bearing a pot of velvety rich butternut and acorn squash soup  just as the other crocks were starting to dwindle, and revitalized the crowd.

Other soups on the bill: vegetarian leek from the kitchen at the Massey-Basta manor, beefy chili from Julie, savory wild mushroom with a surprise hit of bacon from Robin, and not one but two borschts — one red, one white — from the overachieving Kodeski. Recipes are already coming in, so those will be up soon. 


Vince, this week’s dude on the bread beat, brought three different varieties to the table: chewy no-knead bread, nutty whole wheat, and several fresh-from-the-oven loaves of a slightly sweet Italian white with a beautifully soft texture and a nice dusting of salt on the crust.


Lastly, we also received a surprise gift of some tasty cupcakes, courtesy of the generous Laura Scott. Thanks, Laura!

And that’s about it. There’s some very loud and enthusiastic demolition going on in the apartment upstairs and, as I watch bits of plaster shake down onto my keyboard, I’m getting the sense I should wrap it up and relocate. Stay tuned for recipes.


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