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Soupfest 2009

January 30, 2009


mulefoot pozole

So, I hear the all-stars are cooking tonight, right?”

So said an early bird at the bar this Wednesday, and boy, howdy, was he right. Guest chefs Mike, Mike, and David all brought their A-games to the pot. Sula’s kimchi chigae was — once we got it heated up enough — a potent, pungent stew of light pork broth and grandma’s homemade kimchi. Gebert delivered a chickpea — or “hummus” — soup whose humble vegetarian trappings were quickly exposed as fraudulent, as one taste revealed it to be built on a smoky bacon stock, (And, just in case you were still confused, Mike also provided crispy bits of jamon iberico as a topping.) Hammond produced the promised mulefoot pozole (pictured above), a rich and rustic take on the Mexican classic.

But that wasn’t all! We realized early this week that, thanks to a perfect storm of factors, we’d be wise to expect a larger-than-usual crowd. So in addition to rounding up stalwart Swim Cafe for yet another veggie contribution — this time in the form of “Moroccan Soul,” a hearty, spicy pot full of chickpeas, spinach, olives, and I’m not sure what else — I also whipped up an impromptu “stone soup,” and Katie tapped the soup bar at Whole Foods for some quite tasty vegetarian minestrone. Which, you know — not the usual Soup and Bread m.o., but why quibble when people are hungry?

And hungry they were. We were completely out of soup by 7 PM. Apologies to anyone who showed up later and was left to knaw on crusts of bread. I have yet to figure out the perfect algorithm of soup + people, but I know it’s out there. 

This week’s donations: $185. Thanks to one and all.

Recipes coming soon, like later today. These guys are on. The. Ball.

Guest soup chefs, Jan 28

January 23, 2009

Coming up next week we’ve got a three-way soup smackdown, when some of my favorite food writers step up to the crock. On the docket:

Chicago Reader columnist Mike Sula
Peripatetic freelancer David Hammond
Sky Full of Bacon’s Mike Gebert

Because all three of these guys are notorious for their enthusiastic pursuit of carnivorous pleasures — and it would be criminal for anyone to go hungry — we’re also bringing back the delicious vegetarian soup skills of Swim Cafe. Let’s just see if they can top the creamy potato-carrot and Fiesta de la Fiesta of weeks gone by.