The cookbook has left the building

It’s true. We shipped it off to Agate yesterday. Hooray! And now … we wait.

The book’s not due out until November. But we’ve got some other projects on our plate in the meantime, though. For one, we just found out we’ve been accepted into next month’s Coterie Chicago craft fair, which means three days of hanging around in a tent at Pitchfork listening to the bands from far away. We’ll have recipe cards, aprons, and art prints for sale, as well as some of the few remaining copies of the first Soup & Bread Cookbook and, hopefully, some new recipe boxes from Devon Bergman. If you’re making the rounds, come say hi! And, if you know of another craft fair we should try to crash this season let us know.

When we’re not sitting around city parks sweating onto our merch, we’re going to be working on redesigning this website. The launch date is still TBD, but we promise that you, the Soup & Bread audience, can look forward to better navigation, better shopping options, better recipe organization, and just all-around better betterness. If you have any suggestions to make the Soup & Bread web presence more user friendly, we’re all ears.

In the meantime, stay cool! We suggest gazpacho. Or a nice vichysoisse.


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