Soup cooks, 3/30

Another jam-packed lineup this week, including:

Butcher Andrea Deibler, from City Provisions

Baker Allison Stout, from Hoosier Mama Pie Co.

Music maker Frank Orrall, from  Poi Dog Pondering, ETA: Frank is sick and had to cancel

Music sellers Mark and Heather Ferguson, from Hard-Boiled Records

Abra Berens, from Bare Knuckle Farm

Kathy Burke, Angela Sanka, and Anastasia LaBorde, from Twisted Dish

and we’ll also have a soup from Inspiration Corp., the beneficiaries this week of your soup largesse. Inspiration has been doing great work in Uptown and on the south side for years now, and have recently expanded to the west side with a new cafe in Garfield Park.

Musical accompaniment this week courtesy the lovely DJ Numinous Radio, aka Carolynn Travis, aka Chaka

See you there!


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