Photo Friday: Detroit Soup

I hopped the train to the Motor City last weekend for a dizzying 24-hour trip to buy a Chrysler check out the action at Detroit Soup, which celebrated its one-year anniversary on Sunday night. I hope to have something more comprehensive written up by Monday, but thought I’d take the chance to share what really should be stills from a stop-motion film. I wandered into the Soup space — a gorgeous, but barren, loft above a Mexican bakery — around 3:30 on Sunday afternoon and it looked like this. Over the course of three hours, as the sun set and the snow fell (and fell),  it was transformed into a soup-friendly fairyland.

Many thanks to Kate Daughdrill, Jessica Hernandez, and Amy Kaherl for letting me poke around in their soup business! More soon.


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One Response to “Photo Friday: Detroit Soup”

  1. Terri Says:

    This looks like such a lovely event. The space is great. I can’t wait to read more about it.. Detroit Soup looks really successful.

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