Soup & Bread Goes Renegade

The Renegade Craft Fair takes over Division between Damen and Paulina this weekend — and Soup and Bread is on the scene. We’re in “Craft Alley,” booth B, on Wolcott just a few steps south of the hustle of the main crafty drag. We’ve got cookbooks (surprise) as well as a few remaining adorable (and adjustable) aprons and more prints of Paul Dolan‘s gorgeous illustrations, hand-screened by Alana Bailey and signed by Paul. And if you stop by you’ll also got a sneak peek at what we’re cooking up for this winter. No clues yet available on the internet; get a jump on your friends!

As ever, a portion of the proceeds from today’s sale will be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Renegade runs from 11 to 7 Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12. And it’s free! Or, at least it’s free to walk around and gawk. Those appliqued skirts and cute wooly hats costs some money.


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