Soup cooks 3/17/10

This week, Soup and Bread gets jazzy. And, famous.

On board are ….

Immediate Sound Series curator Mitch Cocanig

Bassist Kent Kessler

Trea Fotidzis, who’s a friend of Mitch’s and is making *pickle soup*


Soup and Bread’s very own Sheila Sachs

A return visit from Susannah Kite Strang

and, gulp, Paul Kahan

Donations benefit Inspiration Corporation — who may be bringing along some soup too. Not sure.


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3 Responses to “Soup cooks 3/17/10”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Hey SoupandBread,
    I think I was sitting next to you at the Family Farmed expo today in the “I ate the whole thing” seminar and I just wanted to say hi! Thanks for helping me enunciate that there are a LOT of ways for folks to get involved and I totally agree with you that there is a big thing coming in the local/sustainable movement. We all just need to be ready for it!


  2. Martha Says:

    Hi Joanna! Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, that was me! I didn’t feel terribly articulate, but I hope I helped.



  3. Week 10 « Soup and Bread Says:

    […] Soup and Bread A blog about soup. And bread. And bingo. « Soup cooks 3/17/10 […]

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