Cookbook reviews from our customers

Hey, we still have a lot of cookbooks left!

I’ve already passed along some of the positive press the book has received, but now that it’s been out in the world a few months, reports are starting to come back to us from the kitchen trenches. Here are some of the nice things real people putting our recipes to the test on the ground have been saying:

“Marty and I made the sweet and sour cabbage soup with flank steak from the Hideout’s cookbook.  It was amazing.  Much better than Cecil’s sweet and sour cabbage soup which was the gold standard.”— Anders Lindall’s father in St. Louis Paul

I made your split pea soup recipe from the Soup and Bread cookbook last night.  It was very good.  The phrase “surprizingly low fat” in the introduction scared me so I used half homemade chicken broth.  Yolanda had never eaten split pea soup before and did’t think she would like it because she doesn’t like peas.  She loved it.  I had been craving split pea soup.  A restaurant around the corner from the animal hospital had great pea soup but they closed and I hadn’t had any until now.  It was fun to make so I will probably make it on a regular basis.” Amy Lombardi’s vet, Dr. Boin

“I made a 3x batch of Black Bean/Pumpkin soup … I did put in the sherry; wasn’t sure if I liked it so didn’t add the sherry vinegar at end.  However, everyone (including our in-group tasters) seemed to like it.  The change I would make would be starting with dry beans so one isn’t adding so many empty cans into recycling.  Doing it for a large group meant opening 12 cans!!!!!” — my mother’s friend Carolyn

Interested in trying these recipes yourself? Click the PayPal button to the right, or save yourself the shipping and come by the Hideout and pick one up in person. They’re $20 and a portion of all proceeds go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Copies are also in stock in Chicago at Renegade Handmade, Swim Cafe, Green Grocer Chicago, Quimby’s, and Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand. And, in Seattle, at the Cathedral Shop at St. Mark’s — or direct from our west coast sales agent, aka my mom.


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  1. Anders Says:

    St Paul, not Louis!

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