You want an onion with that Old Style?

Last week I got an email from  a very nice guy named Martin Lemos. He’s the farm manager at the Green Earth Institute out in Naperville, and he has a problem.

An onion problem.

They had a bumper crop this year — so much so that he can’t get rid of them fast enough. He’s been giving them to local food pantries, he said, “But I’ve also been working hard to give them away: neighbors, car mechanics, leaving them in my mail box for the postwoman.”

We here at Soup and Bread are of course always in the market for free vegetables. So, earlier tonight he dropped by the bar with a big grocery bag of Red Bull onions, a small, ovoid allium that can store up to 10 months.

Now, until I get rid of 15 pounds of onions I can no longer tell desperate seekers of Jager bombs that we have no Red Bull.

Anybody have a recipe for red onion soup?


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3 Responses to “You want an onion with that Old Style?”

  1. sarah Says:

    Cook’s Illustrated had a recipe for french onion soup back in January 1999 that used red onions and a splash of vinegar at the end of cooking to brighten the color (red onions tend to turn grayish after long cooking),

    and then in January 2008, they had an updated “quicker” version of this recipe

    unfortunately, it’s a paid website, but you can get the recipes if you sign up for the free trial period.

  2. whet moser Says:

    I had onion pie this weekend (more of casserole, but you get the idea), and loved it.

  3. Red Onion Soup « Soup and Bread Says:

    […] A few weeks ago Martin Lemos, farm manager at the Green Earth Institute in Naperville, gifted me with a giant bag of red onions. So nice! But, what to do with them? This recipe, from the September 2008 issue of Gourmet, […]

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