Special book recall announcement

It has come to our attention that at least a few copies of our pretty little cookbook seem to have had some sort of horrible accident at the bindery. We’ve only found two problem books so far, but I can’t imagine there aren’t more lurking out there somewhere.

So, please, give your books a look, and if there is something awry–say, a few upside-down pages in the middle, or an extra cover inserted between pages 94 and 95 (WTF?) — please LET US KNOW. We’ll be happy to get you a pristine new copy, asap, along with our sincere apologies.

Thanks. And, grrrr.


3 Responses to “Special book recall announcement”

  1. ruth hackner Says:

    how can i get a copy of your cookbook in atlanta?

  2. Martha Says:

    you can order one! just click on the pay pal button on the right of the blog.

  3. Martha Says:

    ps: you have to go to the home page — https://soupnbread.wordpress.com/– to get to the paypal link.

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