Let’s have another look at that cover, shall we?

“The book is a sweet little compilation of last year’s Soup and Bread series put on by Martha Bayne over at The Hideout [and] a significant document on the importance of food and community. It isn’t glitzy, nor are there any celebrity chef endorsements. It’s a super-local (is there any bar more local than The Hideout?) source of lore about and recipes for real food (what is more real than soup or bread?). It’s a book of genuine people from all angles of life sharing food and recipes with each other in an effort to help more others yet. As put forth by Martha, Soup and Bread is “an ‘everybody wins’ type of project”. And the cookbook is a beautifully designed, thoughtful extension of that.” [Thanks Hugh.]

Welcome, readers of The Kitchn. If you’re curious to find out more of what this cookbook project is all about, you can skip the boring distro info below and click here for the straight dope.



2 Responses to “Let’s have another look at that cover, shall we?”

  1. Zoe Zolbrod Says:

    Sold three more cookbooks today! And I have 3 left. If anyone up in Evanston is looking for a place to buy one, I can hook you up.

  2. Martha Says:

    The north-side sales squad in full effect! Thanks!

    (Are you going to make it to the sale?)

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