Miscellaneous updates, Saturday night edition

Thanks again to all who have written in to inquire about purchasing copies of the book. The fact that the majority of our PayPal sales so far have come from people who are not related to me is quite heartening. To answer the most common question: YES! We still have cookbooks for sale. We have many, many cookbooks for sale. So, send those orders on over and we’ll get them out to you stat.

Should you prefer to pick up your copy in person (and avoid that $2 shipping fee), the book is now for sale behind the bar at the Hideout. It’s also available at Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand (the Department of Cultural Affairs’ grocery devoted to local, sustainable, and artisanal food products), and at Renegade Handmade, in Wicker Park, and Swim Cafe, on Chicago Avenue across from Eckhart Park. As of tomorrow (Sunday) we should have a few copies at Green Grocer Chicago as well.

If you have written to me inquiring about making soup, please be patient. I’m trying to fill orders as fast as possible as well as keep a bunch of other life-management plates spinning. I’ll hopefully be getting back to would-be soup cooks sometime next week.

Lastly, big thanks to Hugh Amano, Soup and Bread participant and proprietor of the most excellent Food on the Dole, for a really lovely writeup about our book. It is, of course, always nice to be appreciated, but it’s doubly swell when the appreciator seems to really get the big picture. And Hugh definitely does.


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