Hot off the presses

Sheila, Paul, and I thank EVERYONE who braved the blizzard to come out to our cookbook party last night. It was a blast. And, what with the snowstorm and the sheet ice on the roads, a true sign that that soup season is upon us.

Here’s a shot of our merch table, starring Sheila’s giant peacock tablecloth.

Alana’s prints of Paul’s art sold like hotcakes at the low, low one-night-only price of $5 a pop. We’ll have more of them at the Hideout Holiday Sale on Tuesday, at their regular retail price of $10 each. Collect them all!

Here, Guy Massey and Kristin Basta do some holiday shopping. Their recipe for Vegetarian Leek Soup (with, um, bacon?) is on page 86.

David Wilcox surveys the wares, trying to decide. Do I want the pumpkin? Or the mushrooms?

Zoe Zolbrod and Angela Bowman trekked all the way from Evanston to get their hands on some fresh books.

Rob Miller and Katie Tuten are shocked — SHOCKED — by the Senate Soup.

And (blurry) Sheila surveys her domain.

We had a great time last night … at least until the locks on our car froze shut. We hope to see you one of these Tuesdays at the Holiday Sale — where, in addition to cookbooks and prints, you can pick up work by artists Sarah Bortt, Helen Tsatsos, Marvin Tate, Laurie Freivogel, Mark DeBernardi, and others. Soup mavens Sheila, Vera, and Anastasia will be selling knitted goods, bartender Andrea will have handmade clothes on hand, Alana will be selling posters, and … I’m sure there’s something I am forgetting but, in other words, One Stop Shopping.

More cookbook news coming soon.


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2 Responses to “Hot off the presses”

  1. Celeste Dolan Says:

    Hey Martha,

    Sorry I missed last night! SOOOOO, busy right now. Sign me up for soup in 2010!

  2. Corinne Sachs Says:

    i’m looking forward to makeing some soup.

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