Bingo 9/30: Now with special guest recappers!

[Ryan and Jessica appointed themselves guest bloggers for this special edition of Veggie Bingo. Which — way above and beyond, dudes, and THANKS SO MUCH. Here’s what they have to say about this week’s bingomania.]


It was Henry Hinchsliff’s 7th birthday.  The family had just come from the Cubs game, where Max Crawford had given them a tour of the scoring box and even let the boys enter some stats onto the scoreboard as well as putting their names up on the big board.


Bingo started a little early (6:15) as Julia [Cardis, who paid her dues in high school as a teen bingo waitress] was rarin’ to go.


Tony had to duck out from his grilling duties at the last minute so Ick [father of Henry and Beckett] stepped up to the grill like a champ.


It was a little nippy outside but that didn’t stop a couple of die-hards …you’ll notice the earmuffs and hands folded between the knees.


The games were fast and furious as a result of Julia’s expertise and dead-pan delivery.  Her brother also stepped in as guest caller, followed by the birthday boy Henry himself.  He’s getting to be an old pro …calling the “H” game, repeatedly checking w/ the gamers to ask “is anyone close yet?”


Katie Tuten provided a nice cake for Henry from alliance bakery, and the whole crowd sang the birthday song.  The worm poop [from the greenhouses at Pacific Garden Mission] proved to be a hot-ticket item.


The grand prize was a tie (on the blackout game, no less), and naturally the produce and the vodka went to their respective happy homes.

[Martha again: Come back next week for the SECOND TO LAST BINGO OF THE SEASON, with callers David Kodeski and Diana Slickman, of BoyGirlBoyGirl and Theater Oobleck. Proceeds benefit the lovely Vera Videnovich, proprietor of Videnovich Farms, and purveyor of all those veggies you’ve been seeing lying around the Hideout on Wednesdays. Vera has distributed her CSA at the H/O all summer, and took to dropping by the bar  after the Andersonville farmers’ market — and bingo — to give away whatever produce she couldn’t sell. We hope next week’s bingo nets her at least enough to hire a little help, if not take a spa vacation. October 7. Hideout. 6-8 PM. See you then! Wear your mittens.]


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