Bingo 9/23: Night of the fancy dogs


Last week we had not only bingo, expertly called by smooth Jim Cooper of Baby Teeth, but we also had gourmet chicken sausages courtesy of Jim’s lovely wife, Elaine.

Here Elaine, center, and two friends dish up two varieties of dogs: one blueberry-feta, and one Italian-inspired, spiked with sun-dried tomatoes and spice. The dogs were being sold for cash money, but rest assured this was a one-time deal. This week we return to our regularly scheduled program of free beef dogs made by the artisans at Restaurant Depot. And, never fear!, veggie dogs.


Inside — and I must again apologize for the crummy photo quality here — Cowboy Jim kept the games rolling along. We don’t have audio, but believe me, this guy has a voice MADE for bingo. 

Our games last week benefitted the gardens at Eckhart Park at Chicago and Noble. The gardens there are kept up by a small group of committed neighbors, not the Park District; the $186 we raised on their behalf will go to buy bulbs to be planted this weekend. You can see the results in full bloom next spring.

I won’t be around for this week’s bingo, but I’m leaving you in the capable hands of caller Julia Cardis, who spent her teen years as a bingo waitress. She came and scoped it out last week and declared, “Yup. Looks like bingo!”

Proceeds from tomorrow’s game benefit the gardens at Drummond Montessori and Oscar Mayer schools. Have fun, and I’ll see you next week, when the talented and charming David Kodeski and Diana Slickman (BoyGirlBoyGirl; Theater Oobleck) take a turn behind the the bingo cage.


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