Bingo 9/16: Get ’em while they’re young


Very few of my photos came out this week — blurry, dark, several shots of the floor. What was going on do not know. I blame my broken zoom lens.

This one, however, captures one moment in all its unbearable cuteness. Anastasia roped in some helpers in the forms of two sons, one niece, and a nephew. They took turns calling the numbers on the “Crazy H” game. Sorry about the annoying flash, Beckett!

For more, better photos, look here.

And .. that’s it for this week. I have nothing else to say and am staring down rush-hour traffic to Michigan. Come back next week when caller Jim Cooper, of Baby Teeth, lives out his lifelong fanstay of calling bingo. For real. He said that. 

And check out the Kickstarter page for the forthcoming Soup and Bread cookbook. I can’t believe it is almost soup season already — but it is.

ADDENDUM! I would be remiss to not mention that last week we handed over a wad of cash to NeighborSpace. $3,445 to be precise. That’s a lot of mulch.

Last week’s bingo, in turn, benefitted the Advocates for Urban Agriculture. Still hammering out who The Eckhart Park Gardeners (second item) will be the recipient of this week’s take, and are donating homemade soaps to the prize bucket.  Oh, the suspense!


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