Bingo and Mekons: 9/9/09

Jon and Sally

“Eyes down!” announced Sally Timms at the start of each bingo game this week — and the crowd obeyed like dutiful schoolchildren. Timms and her partner, Jon Langford, kept it simple: straight lines, Xs, and Ts; no “martini glasses” for this pair. But Langford  seemed to get restless near the end when, having divested themselves of the bag of Fresh Picks bounty, they found themselves with ten more minutes on the clock and quickly whipped together a new game.

“Glam Rock Bingo!” crowed Langford. “G11: Gary Glitter’s legs …..”


It was a beautiful night and bingo players were out in force, finding ever-more creative ways to  maximize every inch of horizontal Hideout space.


Inside, we listened to Obama school the nation on health-care — and the difference between “socialism” and “human decency and common sense.”


Here, grand-prize winner Brian shows off his haul.


First-timer Julia took home a bottle of hot sauce.


And I believe her pal Loren walked away with twin bottles of liquid fire — though she declined to model them for the camera.


Here, NeighborSpace executive director Ben Helphand soaks up the final day of official NeighborSpace-sponsored bingo. In ten weeks this summer we raised more than $3,000 (!!!) for the local community gardens under his umbrella, so with the extension we’ve decided to spread the wealth around. From now through October 14, each weekly game will benefit a different gardening and/or urban ag concern — starting with this week’s game, on September 16, whose proceeds go to Advocates for Urban Agriculture. (Did you know that Chicago was recently named one of the five best cites for urban gardening in the country?)


There’s a certain crisp clarity to the nights lately, as it gets darker ever-earlier, but we will continue to fire up the grill as long as the weather holds. This week Tony doles out the dogs as the Hideout’s own Anastasia Davies Hinschliff, with perhaps a little help from ace bingoers Henry and Beckett  — spins the cage and figures out how to keep “O-69” family friendly. 

So come on out! We’d love to see you.


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