Bingo 9/2: Special guests and blurry photos edition


September 2, 2009: Irv and Shelly in the house!

Above, Shelly presents  winner …. [name? oops] with his grand prize of a double box of Fresh Picks booty. On the left, caller Chris Salveter rests his eyes.


It was a beautiful day for bingo — a relief given the crummy weather for the two Wednesdays prior. But, no rain delay this time around. Instead, all were free to luxuriate on the dry, tent-free patio. At one point I looked out the window and the line for hot dogs stretched almost out into Wabansia Street. Don’t mob the grill man! He is there to help.


Inside things proceeded smoothly, despite some early-evening technical difficulties and despite Chris’s dogged reluctance to stick to the predetermined shapes. (Artists. What can you do?)


Rather, in his zeal to give away prizes, he had the players doing tricks. Above, I fail to capture one game young lady, who expertly performed a freestanding handstand in exchange for the prize of an EcoSpout. Later, two more contestants powered through the recitation of all 50 states in alphabetical order. Only one of them made it, but I forget what she won. Have I mentioned that it’s really hard to document this and tend bar at the same time?


Here’s owner Katie, pictured with friends Jen (left) and Arthur (in lap).


And here’s a photo of the whole Fresh Picks family: Shelly (front), Irv (rear) and their daughter (on lap). It was really a treat that they came out to see what we were up to. Come back any time guys!


They — and you — have six more chances to get some bingo action this fall. Coming up, on September 9, on the eve (almost) of this weekend’s Bloodshot Records 15th Anniversary Beer-B-Q, we have roped in Mekons Sally Timms and Jon Langford as callers. Who on earth knows what may happen there.

Still lining up callers for the rest of the run, but so far it looks like bartender Anastasia Davies Hinschliff on the 16th; friend-of-Hideout and teenaged bingo waitress Julia Cardis on the 30th, and monologuist/bingo die-hard David Kodeski on October 7.

Come out and play!


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