Bingo 8/26: Under the wire


Phew. I didn’t think it would happen, but check us out. I managed to get last week’s photos up before this week’s supplant them.

Of course, I am cheating a little. (Who says you can’t cheat at bingo?) I forgot my camera last week, and had to borrow one from one Pete Fuller, accommodating bingo fan. Free drinks for the night? Sure, you can use my camera! 

Pete was even gracious enough to post the pics to his Flickr account for me. So, go there for the full visual report.

sheila and jen

Tag-team callers Sheila Sachs and Jen McLaughlin were not only fetching in their matching tiaras, they showed up with a sheaf of visual aids — a set each for the bar, patio, and back room — in order to help things move along smooth like buttah. Pictured at the top of the page is the printout for the final game, an interlinked “H” and “O.”

This is what happens when two unemployed graphic designers get the bingo bug. Someone give these ladies a job!


Also helping to keep things smooth and lubricated: ace cocktail waitress Andrea Jablonski. Having AJ on hand to navigate the rush of bingo-crazed boozehounds has been, I swear, the key to making this thing work. If nothing else it keeps the heat off of me, so I can abandon the bar and go take endless pictures of people’s bingo markers. Tip her generously! (And go see her band, Rabid Rabbit, open for the Drones at Schubas on the 15th.)

And, that’s it. Or, that’s all I have time for, as I need to get ready for tonight. Go check out the Flickr page!

Tonight’s caller: Chris Salveter, aka Judson Claiborne. Also, rumor has it that the awesome Irv and Shelly, of Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks — gracious providers of our weekly grand prize — will be in the house. Come out and say hi! Bingo runs 6-8 PM at the Hideout — and did I mention it’s been extended?


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    […] And our celebrity callers? Just the ultrafabulous Sheila Sachs and Jennifer McLaughlin. Talented in the graphic arts, this pair brought a bunch of helpful visual aids, and tiaras, to their turn at bingo last year. […]

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