Bingo x 2 weeks


I was camping in the mud of the beautiful Black Hills last week, but I hear that Brian Costello packed the place on August 5. If it was anything like this week’s bingo, I can only imagine. Though this week there were no Tito’s girls. (Yikes.)

I was halfway to South Dakota on the 5th when I got a call from an editor at Metromix asking if she could send a photographer over to shoot some bingo action. The resulting photo illustrated a story on “eco-friendly events” that ran this past Monday online and in the RedEye. And this week we were visited by a video crew from the citizen journalism site BBN3, where, apparently, someone had posted bingo night as a suggested story idea.

If you had told me two months ago that Veggie Bingo would have this kind of media traction I would have laughed in your face. Never understimate the power of beer and a little “green” branding, I suppose.


Caller David Wilcox (who is not this David Wilcox) acquitted himself admirably, going so far as to buy a special hat for the occasion. Booyah!


We had an unprecedented three-way tie for the grand prize, so I guess we should be thankful for all that leftover Tito’s. David asked each winner which they liked better, vodka or vegetables, and the results were happily clear-cut. As David wrapped it up, “There you go, folks! Two lushes and a healthy person.”


Multiple wins seemed to be in the, um, cards this week — as we also  had a FIVE-WAY tie on an earlier game. This was a new one. We just gave everybody a prize (bingo=T-ball for grownups) but if this happens again we’re gonna have to come up with some sort of tiebreaker, or we’re going to run out of hot sauce.


Of course nothing says “happy birthday” like a nice round of bingo, so we were thrilled that Helen (above)  chose to celebrate her birthday with us. While she didn’t win, David did have her son Tommy up to the stage to say happy birthday and call a few numbers. He was super cute, and very into the spotlight. We may have to give him his own night.


Meanwhile, her husband got waaay too into cutting the cake. Scary cake!

And, that’s about it. Next week (really, this week, since I’m so late in getting this up) Mucca Pazza‘s Jeff Thomas steps in as caller, replacing Anastasia, who had to go out of town. Jeff is threatening to bring a piano player.

As ever, thanks to Fresh Picks and NeighborSpace — and especially Andrew Dribin, who took a bunch of pictures for me this week and helped faciliate things for the surprise video shoot when I was stuck behind the bar. 

And see you this Wednesday. I promise to have bought some new cards by then. Those disposables are getting kind of mangy.


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