Everyone’s a winner

gnat and tyler

Despite the occasionally testy crowd — which grew increasingly adamant in its cries for “NO “Ns!” — Tyler, with a little help from Nat, went for EIGHT rounds of bingo yesterday. Go Tyler! 


Our many winners — there were double bingos in several games — chose from a ever-widening range of prizes. Jen picked honey mustard from North Lawndale’s Chicago Honey Co-op.


While Joanna (sp?) picked up a jar of honey from the rooftop apiary at City Hall, which is managed by the Honey Co-op’s ace apiarist, Michael Thompson.


Jeff (again — sp?) snagged a bottle of Co-op Hot Sauce, which, I was surprised to learn the other night, from a couple of guys hanging out at the bar, is apparently a hot commodity around town these days. 


Amy was a two-time winner. She took home both this hefty bag of seeds and an even heftier, five-pound (!) bag of worm castings  courtesy of the hard-working worms at the Greenhouses of Hope at the Pacific Garden Mission


Lastly — and  a first for Veggie Bingo — we had TWO grand prize winners. Barb went home with Irv and Shelly’s bag of bounty.


While Sheila consoled herself with a bottle of Tito’s Vodka we pulled from the storeroom. Somebody better check Camille’s ID — is she of age in dog years?

I’m on vacation next week, and handing over the bingo reins to guest bartender Jessica. Be nice to her — and tip  her well! Our caller is the multitalented Brian Costello, writer, drummer, host of “The Brian Costello Show with Brian Costello,” and adjunct professor of fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago.

Have fun everybody! See you on the 12th, with caller David Wilcox, who is not this David Wilcox.


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    […] caller next week is the talented Tyler Myers, of Cupola Bobber and Hideout bartending fame. Proceeds benefit the North Lawndale Greening […]

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