Wednesday miscellany


I finally saw Food, Inc., and while I thought some of it was a little weak — We’re all supposed to love Wal-Mart now because they stopped carrying rBGH milk? You still think big business will provide a solution to the problems caused by …. big business? Really? — overall it’s pretty powerful. It is also viscerally disgusting in places, which is actually a good thing. Because, you know what? Large-scale food production — of meat in particular, but even of yogurt — is inherently alienating and disturbing. And, unappetizing. And it’s OK to be reminded of that as often as possible. 

Our partners Irv and Shelly, along with some of the Fresh Picks crew, will be at the 7:15 screening tomorrow night, and host a postshow talk afterward at DOC Wine Bar. I can’t go, sadly, but I’d urge anyone interested to check it out. They are lovely people and it’s sure to be a lively discussion.

In other news: Newsweek discovers the allure of urban ag. Friends of Soup and Bread Erik Knutzen and the Green Roof Growers make cameo appearances.

And, last but  not least, the Greenhouses of Hope at Pacific Garden Mission are now donating precious worm castings as bingo prizes! Worm castings, as any gardener should know, are the black gold of organic fertilizers. Thanks to Nance for hooking us up. 

It is a beautiful day for bingo. We’ve got speakers on the patio and I’m on my way to buy more Smart Dogs. Tony Barnett mans the grill; Tyler Myers calls the numbers. Hope to see you there!


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