“Patio people, make some noise!”


This week’s night of bingo was all about delegating. Or that was the plan at least. I took the night off behind the bar so I could “supervise” — and hopefully get some good pix and take some decent notes. But mostly what I did was drink beer. Oops.


Michelle stepped in behind the bar. Thanks Michelle!


While Jessica sold cards and Andrea cocktailed. 


Tony took over as grill master.


Henry (with editorializing from Beckett) came up with the list of games for this week’s bingo night, and provided this handy visual aid.


And last but not least, the awesome Mike Lust ran the show. Amy and Lawrence were hard acts to follow, but he was a natural!


Unfortunately I can’t report too much about the winners, because … see above re: beer. I did note that a disproportionate number of them were named Eve. Or Ava. Or Eva.

That was weird.

Here one of them (Ava?) does a little end-zone dance before taking home her bottle of hot sauce.


And here the grand prize winner — “Dan,” I think — raises his bag of veggies in triumph before sitting down to figure out  how to get it all home on his bike.


Thanks to the last-minute purchase of a bunch of disposable bingo cards, no would-be gamer was turned away, and the crowd spilled out of the bar and across the patio.


This week’s bingo benefits the Fulton Street Flower and Vegetable Garden in beautiful Garfield Park. (West side! Represent!) Fulton Street gardeners and friends turned out in force, and brought a great stack of photos of their lush little patch of green.


And, it perhaps goes without saying, a good time was had by all.

Except maybe those dudes wrapped in towels. They didn’t stay long. Maybe they were looking for cabana bingo?

Next week’s caller: performance artist and Hideout bartender Tyler Myers. See you then!


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    […] the nice folks at the Fulton Street Flower and Vegetable Garden, whose gardeners came out in force one bingo night last year. The garden’s at 4427 W. Fulton, in West Garfield Park. Here’s how they describe […]

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