Bingo, round two

patio bingo

Our second week of bingo was a rousing success, thanks in no small part to a) better weather and b) more surprise press, in the form of this Flavorpill blurb. As you can see from the photo (courtesy Tony Barnett), bingo even spilled out onto the patio. Thanks very much to Ryan for setting up the outdoor speaker.

back room

Inside, we moved the main action out from behind the bar and onto the stage — and Katie borrowed some banquet tables from St. John Berchman’s in Logan Square, turning the back room into a goofy facsimile of a church basement.


Our caller, Amy Lombardi, ROCKED IT. She was anxious, so she even did some research beforehand, and came armed with a glossary of bingo lingo. She shouldn’t have worried. She was a natural. At the end of the final game the crowd was cheering and chanting “A-MY! A-MY!”


Ramsey won a bottle of hot sauce — though I’m not sure for which game.


And Lauren took home a prize as well.  Maybe some honey?


Katherine bingo-ed on the final “four corners” round and took home the Fresh Picks bag of bounty. (And, sorry if I am misspelling your name! I know I asked if it was a “C” or a “K,” but then I promptly forgot the answer.)

back room 2

I don’t know how  many people turned out, but it was enough to run through our stack of cards before 6:30. My sincere apologies to those who didn’t get to play. I bought a bunch of additional cards on Wednesday, but apparently I did not buy enough. Back to Doolin’s we go. To those of you who hung around to help strategize and drink beer, thanks for your patience! Seriously. I will buy more cards.

david, guy, and kristin

Thanks also to Andrew at NeighborSpace for bringing more prizes, including some hefty packets of heirloom seeds and a few orphaned tomato seedlings. I’m actually not sure what happened to those. Last I saw they were on the bar, making a lovely, if bushy, decorative arrangement. I hope someone gave them a good home.

Come back next week, for another round. Our caller for July 22? Tight Phantomz‘s Mike Lust!


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