Got veggies?

Vera's veggies

Have you always wanted to join a CSA, but never knew how to start? Are you intimidated by the beefy boxes of bounty sitting in your friends’ pantry? Might you, perhaps, be curious about kohlrabi? Wondering how to get your hands on some free-range chickens?

Come to the Hideout on Wednesday, May 13, for a casual Q&A with farmer Vera Videnovich, who’ll be talking about what she’s growing this season on her family’s farm in southwest Michigan and signing up subscribers for her 2009 CSA — which starts with May asparagus and wraps up in late September with mini-pumpkins, eggplants, peppers, and sweet basil.

Vera’s boxes are small and priced to move: $15/week for 20 weeks, which comes out to  $300 for the summer. It is, in her words, “intended for the smaller household or for those with limited food budgets.” 

Which is just about everyone these days, yes?

And, if you want some meat and dairy to go with those peppers, Jody Osmund, of Cedar Valley  Sustainable Farm outside Ottowa, Illinois, will also be on hand to tell everything you ever wanted to know about his sustainably raised beef, pork, and poultry. His meat CSA runs $255 for three months and each box includes a variety of beef, sausage, ham, pork chops, chicken, and eggs. (Jody estimates each one’s worth about $80 retail.) Sound like a lot? Share with a friend!

If there’s enough interest both Vera and Jody will include the Hideout on their delivery routes — which means that you can pick up your food and enjoy an Old Style on our scenic patio, complete with view of the Streets and San parking lot, at the same time. Can you do that at the Green City Market? I think not.

It’s next Wednesday, May 13, from 6 to 8 at the Hideout — and it’s free. See you there.


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