The last soup: A story in pictures

busy crock pots all in a row

This week, in honor of the last Soup and Bread of the season, we had ten — TEN — guest soup cooks. We had silky-smooth artichoke soup, a hearty spring vegetable blend, and savory, caramelized cabbage soup with steak. We had recalcitrant African groundnut stew that finally, finally got hot at, oh, 7:30. And a late-breaking mushroom-potato that turned up as we were packing the bowls away.

watercress soup in action

Even I, master of the delegatory arts, fired up some pots and got in on the action.

no knead bread

Vince brought some no-knead bread.


Gallant Lawrence stepped up to bartend for a bit.


Jenny held down the door — and the donations.


Ryan took a break from washing endless bowls to dirty one of his own.


And I got a chance to wander the floor — and watch everybody dig in!

beautiful people

And dig …

more peoples

… and dig …

she and jt

… and dig some more.

empty pots

Until everything was gone!


We had several very small soup fans.


And some who were even smaller.


And then it was all over. The crocks were packed away.


And I got to sit and smell the flowers. And have a drink. Or four.

Recipes are coming up — many of this week’s fantastic cooks have already sent them in. But I just want to, once again, thank everyone who helped out with this weird little project, which exceeded my wildest dreams in both fun and fundraising. We raised $472 dollars April First alone, which brought the grand Soup and Bread 2009 total to $2,561. !!!!!!.

Thank you, thank you so much to everyone at the Hideout — especially Ryan and Stephen, who had to wash all those dishes, and Andrea for not complaining about the mess — and Mitch for putting up with all the soup people gettin’ up in his jazz action, Peter and Hassan and the Whole Foods bakery for the weekly cartload of bread, Robin and Val for the crock pots, Sheila for all the pie, Celeste for all the pastries, Jen for transportation and an almost-perfect attendance record, and everyone who ever made a pot of soup or a loaf of bread. And thanks to YOU, the Soup and Bread participant, for making it all so honestly amazing. I am humbled and gratified by your generosity of both wallet and spirit.

Soup and Bread may be done for the season but we’re not going away. Watch this space for more S&B related news — coming sooner than you think.


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2 Responses to “The last soup: A story in pictures”

  1. ryan Says:

    gosh. i wish i was there,,,

  2. Martha Says:

    i wish i was in norway! so, i guess we’re even.

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