A brief delay in service


I’m out of town for a few days, so recipes will be appearing with perhaps even less than the usual erratic speed. Wednesday’s Soup and Bread was a wild success, but due to a scheduling snafu I didn’t have a bar back, so spent a whole lot of time washing dishes and not so much time eating soup. I did manage to at least taste most of the offerings: Maureen West and Jim Dillon’s sweet potato/carrot/chipotle was smoky and sweet; Anil Muldhokar’s vegetarian udon had broth to knock Bill Kim’s socks off, and fresh spinach to boot. Jeanelle Hayner’s prosciutto, sausage and bean and Josh Andrews’s white bean with escarole and sausage were equally parts savory (love that prosciutto!) and protein rich. I missed out on both Paula Ladin’s beef and barley and Mike Nagrant’s Champagne and lamb-based French onion with Parmesan-cheddar gougeres. But they both smelled good! And, as a bonus our neighbor Dan Blue, who wasn’t on the schedule, turned up with a pot of spicy jambalaya.

We raised $243 dollars. More soon!


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