Still more soup


This just in: Rodan jumps on the soupwagon with . . .

Soupline Cinema Sundays, 6-8PM.

$3 bowl of Asian noodle soup with a free side of Asian cult cinema (subtitled).

$3 draft beers special.

Soupline specials are Vietnamese Beef Pho and Vietnamese Vegetarian Pho.  

Cinema specials this week is a Shaw Brothers double feature: Invincible Monkey Fist (1971) and the Venoms in Nine Demons (1978).

[Thanks to Daniel for the tip.]


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2 Responses to “Still more soup”

  1. David K Says:

    Where is this?

    I see beer. I see Pho. I see Shaw Brothers.

    I don’t see where.


  2. Martha Says:


    1530 N. Milwaukee.

    Which, yes. Not so clear.

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