Let there be bread

So, I’ve been trying to get together with Whole Foods for more than a month to negotiate some end-of-the-day bread donations. I even know someone in the bakery. But for some reason it just didn’t come together — until this week when, after calling three times and getting trapped in the staticky hell of the Whole Foods phone system, whose hold music seems stuck in some endless Men at Work loop, I finally made contact.

Come by at 10, said the dude. We’ll hook you up.

Hooo boy. Did they ever.

I hauled two giant trash bags full of sourdough boules, pumpernickel rye, whole-grain-studded torpedos, flat disks of ciabatta, and SO MANY rolls around the corner to the Hideout last night, and — after giving a few away to random, hungry Devil in a Woodpilers and filling the car with loaves to freeze for weeks to come — stashed the rest upstairs in anticipation of what’s shaping up to be a breadfest this afternoon.

In addition to the bounty gleaned from WF we’ve got fresh bread promised from Fruit Slinger Daniel Shumski, and Pierce says he’s getting baking as well. Meanwhile, over on his blog, Chuck ponders  the possibility of cornbread.

So come by! The soup may run dry, but the bread basket could  well be bottomless.


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