Don’t let this happen to you


Speaking of kimchi: a word to the wise for future soup cooks. After a couple of weeks of trial and error, I have to conclude that the reheating capabilities of the Soup and Bread crock pot army are not as potent as I had hoped. It takes about an hour, at least to bring a room temp soup to a decent steam, and if your soup has come straight from the walk-in, as Mike’s delicious kimchi chigae did on the 28th, it can take much, much longer.  This leads to sadness.

So, forewarned is forearmed. Cooks, if you’re making your soup ahead of time, I suggest one of two courses of action: 1) Show up as early as possible, so we can get some heat under it as soon as possible. I’m at the bar by 4 at the latest, so anytime after that is fine. Or, 2) bring your soup up from a deep chill beforehand, to give it a fighting chance. In the case of the kimchi chigae, I take full responsibility. Mike entrusted me with his piping-hot soup the night prior, and I tucked it away in the Hideout walk-in, where it stunk the place up with a deep cabbage funk. I put the now-frosty broth on to heat at 4 the next day, but it still took about two hours to warm.

What can I say. You go to soup night with the crocks that you have.

One Response to “Don’t let this happen to you”

  1. Mike Gebert Says:

    I’ve transported stuff by the following method and it delivers it piping hot. If possible, use a nice heavy Dutch oven, but any stockpot will do okay. Place towels inside a big cooler. Set hot pot on towels, and wrap around it, then close cooler and transport in it. Results, hot soup when you arrive!

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