Soupfest 2009


mulefoot pozole

So, I hear the all-stars are cooking tonight, right?”

So said an early bird at the bar this Wednesday, and boy, howdy, was he right. Guest chefs Mike, Mike, and David all brought their A-games to the pot. Sula’s kimchi chigae was — once we got it heated up enough — a potent, pungent stew of light pork broth and grandma’s homemade kimchi. Gebert delivered a chickpea — or “hummus” — soup whose humble vegetarian trappings were quickly exposed as fraudulent, as one taste revealed it to be built on a smoky bacon stock, (And, just in case you were still confused, Mike also provided crispy bits of jamon iberico as a topping.) Hammond produced the promised mulefoot pozole (pictured above), a rich and rustic take on the Mexican classic.

But that wasn’t all! We realized early this week that, thanks to a perfect storm of factors, we’d be wise to expect a larger-than-usual crowd. So in addition to rounding up stalwart Swim Cafe for yet another veggie contribution — this time in the form of “Moroccan Soul,” a hearty, spicy pot full of chickpeas, spinach, olives, and I’m not sure what else — I also whipped up an impromptu “stone soup,” and Katie tapped the soup bar at Whole Foods for some quite tasty vegetarian minestrone. Which, you know — not the usual Soup and Bread m.o., but why quibble when people are hungry?

And hungry they were. We were completely out of soup by 7 PM. Apologies to anyone who showed up later and was left to knaw on crusts of bread. I have yet to figure out the perfect algorithm of soup + people, but I know it’s out there. 

This week’s donations: $185. Thanks to one and all.

Recipes coming soon, like later today. These guys are on. The. Ball.

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