Soup around town

AREA Chicago‘s February newsletter landed today, with information about not one but two other ongoing soupcentric events.

One, I’ve mentioned before: INCUBATE-Chicago’s nifty  Sunday Soup program is a monthly soup brunch designed to fund microgrants for artists. February’s grantee is Dan S. Wang. Brunch is served from noon to 1 February 8; from 1-2 various “guest chefs, local collaborators, and supporters present their creative projects” (not totally clear to me whether this includes Wang or not). It’s open to the public, with a $10 cover.

Meanwhile, every Tuesday over at the Jane Addams-Hull-House Museum soup is served under the rubric Re-thinking Soup. This has been going on since — apparently — last spring, but for all my soup research I seem to have missed it. I feel dumb.

This project pairs a free weekly soup meal with speakers — activists, doctors, farmers, chefs, artists — whose various pursuits are in orbit in the raggedly defined universe of food, farming, nutrition, and social justice. It’s from noon to 1:30 in the Residents’ Dining Hall at 800 S. Halsted — and if you miss it you can follow along on, er, the Re-Thinking Soup blog. Where they post recipes.

I swear I had not heard about this till now. Really. Please don’t hate me, Hull-House people!

Anyway. All of which is to say, behold the power of soup. And, if you miss Soup and Bread some week, maybe go check out one of these other worthy projects?

UPDATE: Holy cow. OK, so the other night some friends were telling me about how the roommate of another friend had been the Obama family’s private chef for the last few years. And, that, wasn’t it exciting that the Obamas decided to take him with them to Washington. And, yeah, I said — that is pretty cool.

Now, though, it turns out that said chef, Sam Kass, formerly of Avec, was also (until last week) part-time executive chef at Hull-House, and the culinary brains behind . . . wait for it . . . Re-Thinking Soup.

Which, a) makes me feel even dumber for not knowing about the project before yesterday, and b) only reinforces my belief that, collectively, all these soup freaks are onto something big.

Free soup. Change we can believe in.


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