The first soup


So, despite the gas leak we had a pretty decent turnout for the inaugural night of Soup and Bread. Heck, one of the gas company guys even came in for a bowl.


On the menu:

Anastasia Davies Hinchsliff’s white bean, kale, kielbasa and tortellini soup.

Celeste Dolan‘s white bean, escarole, and turkey meatball soup.

Swim Cafe‘s vegan “Fiesta de la Fiesta” soup with black beans, cilantro, and … I don’t know yet what else.

Of course, I can’t tell you how any of it tasted, because I was too busy washing dishes to eat. And then it was all gone, save a few bites of the turkey meatball in the bottom of the crock. I will make soup-eating a top priority next time, and promise a detailed report.

Bread came from, well, Dominicks. I’ve been trying to round up some donated bread, but the bakery I’ve spoken with can only donate to a legit 501 C-3 status nonprofit. And that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So I’m working on alternate plans. Stay tuned on the bread front. 




Celeste also surprised us with two huge trays of (not-blurry-in-real-life) cookies. This woman is a genius with batter. Gingerbread? Molten-chocolate? Coconut-lemon bars? OMG. I may not have gotten any soup, but I went home on a serious sugar high.


Other than the gas leak, the only moment of peril came when we discovered that the crock full of donations had been, um, turned ON, and was full of a lot of verry warm dollar bills. Disaster narrowly averted thanks to some keen powers of observation. (“I smell money burning,” said Devon. Who is now appointed Soup and Bread fire marshal in perpetuity.)


Thanks again to everyone who made it out, and past the hazmat scene.  And if you didn’t make it, come back next week! We would promise no gas leak–but with this city that might be a bit cocky.

All of which brings me to next week’s lineup:


Music publicist Amy Lombardi
Time Out Chicago food and drink editor Heather Shouse
The Handlebar

See you there!

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