Soup and gas


Would-be soup eaters were met by a flotilla of fire engines, Peoples Gas vehicles, squad cars, and hazmat trucks at Wabansia and Elston this afternoon. Not to mention a lot of very stinky air.  A gas main broke at the corner of our street. What was that about the best laid plans . . .  ? 

Peoples Gas employees assured us that there was no danger to patrons of the Hideout–but it was still a pretty confusing and confounding scene. To those who were thwarted in their attempts to reach the Hideout, a million apologies. And to those who succesfully sweet talked their way past the Chicago Fire Department’s finest, kudos — and thanks! 

The inaugural Soup and Bread was still, in our humble opinion, a success. A good time was had by all, and we raised $170 in donations for the Chicago Food Depository.

More to come soon, after we rest our dishpan hands.


3 Responses to “Soup and gas”

  1. Gina Says:

    If only I knew that the hazmat scene was indeed penetrable. Next time… happy everyone there is alright.

  2. Martha Says:

    I know — I’m so sorry. Once we got the all clear from the gas company we talked to about eight different cops, fire fighters, etc., to tell them we were open and expecting traffic, but still some of them were telling people the bar had been evacuated. Not the greatest communication on the ground . . .

    Thanks for trying — come back next week!

  3. New year, new soups « Soup and Bread Says:

    […] was worried. I confess. Will it snow? Will a gas main break? Will people get sick of soup and move on to something else? Waffles, […]

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